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Charity Christmas Trees 🎄

Order a magnificent charity Christmas tree from Mudlarks for delivery.

Sizes range from 5ft – 8ft - prices from £35.

Tree delivery within Hertford from £5, we deliver within a 10-mile radius of Herford so if you’re further afield please ask for a delivery quote.

Tree recycling service available for £5

Click here to order your tree:

About our trees:

Mudlarks are proud to partner with Festive Trees in Watton at Stone to deliver sustainable Christmas trees to you. All their trees are sustainable and when a tree has been cut down a new one is planted.

Established in the year 2000 on a family-run farm at Hooks Cross, Watton at Stone in Hertfordshire, Festive Trees started in a 6-acre field supplying Christmas Trees to the local area. Over the years the growing area has expanded to 12 acres to keep up with demand and ensure a sustainable supply of trees.

  • Festive Trees firmly believe in producing environmentally friendly trees and select seeds from a sustainable source that do not threaten endangered species.
  • Their plantation has been subjected to a survey on environmental;  ecological or archaeological impact.
  • Festive Tree take account of the habitats of birds and wildlife, and no work will be carried out which disturbs nests or young birds.
  • After use they urge customers to recycle their Christmas trees.
  • Festive Trees is a member of the British Christmas Growers Association (BCTGA) following strict codes of practice to cultivate quality, well-shaped and sturdy trees.

Proceeds from tree sales go towards the running of Mudlarks projects which support adults with learning disabilities and mental health concerns.

All our trees are sustainable and when a tree has been cut down a new one is planted